Hands Up Foundation is now Action Syria

Our partners on the ground

At Action Syria, we partner with local Syrian-led organisations, in Syria and its neighbouring countries, to provide the support and aid communities need the most.

Our partners are all registered charities or civil society organisations, run by Syrians.

We know these organisations and their teams well, giving us the opportunity to make the greatest difference for the Syrian communities we both serve. 

We aim to provide long-term support to our partners, so that programmes are sustainable. 

SAWA for Development and Aid

With SAWA, we are teaching Syrian refugee children, who otherwise would not be able to go to school. In Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, 200 children are taught by their 13 teachers. They learn Arabic, maths, science, English, and life skills, giving them opportunity for a brighter future. 

SAWA’s teachers encourage the children to achieve their dreams and give them the skills they need to do that. The project ensures these inspiring teachers, also from the refugee community, have a stable income while they do this vital work.  

When earthquakes struck Syria and Turkey in February 2023, we worked with SAWA to provide cash assistance for families who had lost everything. Rent for temporary homes, vital medication and doctors’ bills were all covered as a result, allowing people to get back on their feet and access the essential services desperately needed. 

We have worked with SAWA’s brilliant team since 2019. 

Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS)

We are working with SAMS to make sure a community of 50,000 people in Tel Abyad, northern Syria, have access to medical care.  

Half a million children in Syria are chronically malnourished and diseases, such as acute diarrhoea and leishmaniasis (flesh-eating disease) are widespread. Here, access to basic medical services can be the difference between life and death. 

SAMS’ dedication to their community is inspiring and the team of doctors, nurses and midwives at the clinic help around 25,000 patients each year. 

After a series of devastating earthquakes hit Syria and Turkey in February 2023, we worked with the team to provide dialysis equipment for people with kidney injuries caused by crush injuries, and mental health support. Together, we make sure that medical care is available, every day and in emergencies. 

We have worked with SAMS, and their brilliant team, since 2017. 

Physicians Across Continents (PAC)

We are working with PAC to transform the lives of children and adults who have had limbs amputated in northern Syria. Together, we’re delivering both life-changing prosthetics, and the physiotherapy and mental health support that people need to cope with their past experiences and adjust to life with their new prosthetic. 

When devastating earthquakes hit in February 2023, we worked quickly with PAC to provide baby milk substitutes for orphans and mothers unable to breastfeed, and equipment vitally needed by doctors to save lives.  

Working with PAC, we are currently building two playgrounds to support the mental health of children affected. During Needs Assessments we were told all they really wanted was a place to play; those under 13 years’ old have never known life without conflict. We are providing them with a safe space to simply be children, a chance they have never had before.We have worked with PAC, and their brilliant team, since 2021.  

Other partners

We have partnered with several other organisations in the past, including Maram Foundation, Shafak, White Helmets, and Molham.

These well-established relationships allow us to be nimble, responding quickly to the greatest needs on the ground, both every day and when emergencies strike. We are committed to working closely with our partners; we take our lead from them, the experts who understand the need and context of their communities better than anyone.   

Join us to make a positive difference to Syrian communities.

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