Hands Up Foundation is now Action Syria

History of Action Syria

What began as a response to the conflict, that grew out of the Syrian uprising in 2011, has evolved into a registered charity raising over £8 million for humanitarian aid.

Action Syria was created by four friends

After our time in Damascus, we wanted to let our friends in Syria know they were not alone. For us, ‘Syria’ means the bustling markets, the most generous hospitality, and the birthplace of modern civilisation. The idea behind our work is straightforward: bring people together, celebrate Syria’s rich culture, and make a positive impact.  

Hands Up Foundation

Hands Up Foundation was founded in 2012 with a Syrian-inspired feast at our kitchen table. Since then, we’ve raised millions for humanitarian aid in Syria and surrounding countries.   

A new name: Action Syria

Ten years after launching, in 2024, the charity had evolved and grown far beyond what our founders could have imagined. The fundraising environment had changed too, along with the global political landscape.  

To mark our commitment to helping Syrian people affected by conflict, displacement and natural disaster, we changed our name from Hands Up Foundation to Action Syria in 2024. We did this to better reflect our mission and emphasise our commitment to Syria.   

While we dream of a world in which our work is no longer needed, the emergency is not over. 16.7 million people in Syria need humanitarian aid; we cannot stop now. 

Join us to make a positive difference to Syrian communities.

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