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A new collection of ‘Damascus’ Silk Scarves & Pocket Squares designed exclusively for Hands Up by Rory Hutton

We’re very excited to announce a collaboration with award-winning artist, designer and historian Rory Hutton, who has designed a stunning silk scarf and silk pocket square exclusively for Hands Up, with 20% of the profit on each sale going to support our work

The Damascus Collection was inspired by the tiles of old Damascene houses. Damascus tiles of deepest blue and verdant green are one of the most celebrated forms of Islamic art. They are identifiable by their geometrically rendered vines and floral motifs. Their production flourished under the Mamluks (1260-1516) and the Ottomans (1517-1918) in Syria, and showcase the skill and imagination of generations of Syrian craftsmen. Read Rory’s blog for more information on the creative process that inspired Rory’s designs.

These scarves and pocket squares are 100% silk, made in Italy and are the perfect gift to add to your Christmas list

A magnificent place to see real Damascene tiles in London is Leighton House  where Rory was inspired by the great Arab Hall. This unique room houses one of the most extraordinary collections of tiles from the 13th and 14th centuries and the museum itself gives an exclusive look into the life, work and love of travel of the Victorian artist Frederic, Lord Leighton.

The Arab Hall at Leighton House

About Rory Hutton

Inspired by history, art, architecture, theatre, opera and dance, Rory lends classic themes a contemporary edge with his distinctive lino print illustrations and vivid use of colour. His designs are elegantly displayed through his highly coveted collections of luxury, silk scarves.

Rory has worked extensively with The British Museum, creating collections for their blockbuster exhibitions Troy: Myth and Reality, I Am Ashurbanipal and Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece.

 Click here for more info on Rory’s work.

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