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Earl’s Court Film Festival 2020

We’re very proud to be supported by Earl’s Court Film Festival for the second year in a row now.

Earl’s Court Film Festival (ECFF) is an annual celebration of the short film genre and is an outstanding platform to show the work of emerging filmmakers to large audiences.

Alongside supporting talented filmmakers, each year ECFF chooses a charity partner for its festival celebration. Both this year and last year, Hands Up is ECFF’s charity of choice. 2020’s festival will take place online, in line with the Covid-19 government guidelines, and ECFF is screening some of Hands Up’s short film collections that were part of our Cinema For Syria initiative held last year at Leighton House.

Cinema for Syria is Hands Up’s campaign to raise awareness for upcoming Syrian filmmakers and took place over six different screenings during 2019 at the magnificent Leighton House. The aim of the series, curated by award-winning director¬†Soudade Kaadan, was to showcase the talents of Syrian filmmakers despite the challenges they face in a country shattered by violent conflict.

To view a small selection from Hands Up’s Cinema for Syria collection, head to Earl’s Court Film Festival on the 28th of October at 7pm and enjoy watching the films streamed live.

The online festival is taking place from the 20th to the 28th of October and it is free for all to watch from the comfort of your homes. You can even take a look at the recordings of past screenings on their website, too.

More info about Hands Up’s Cinema for Syria films at ECFF 2020 here.

Join us to make a positive difference to Syrian communities.

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