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Hands Up receives Jusoor’s Bridges Award for transforming Syrian Lives

The Hands Up Foundation were awarded Jusoor’s Bridges Award on 4 October at Jusoor’s 6th Annual Gala Dinner. 

Jusoor’s annual Bridges Award is given to an individual who is working to transform and build a better world around them for Syrians.

The Hands Up Foundation, which runs initiatives to support Syrians displaced by conflict, won Jusoor’s Bridges Award for their inspiring work to transform Syrians lives. The Hands Up Foundation has raised over £4 million through various community initiatives including the Syrian Supper Club, Singing for Syrians and Cinema for Syria. These funds have helped Syrians access vital health services, education as well as prosthetic limbs for amputees.

Rose Lukas, Managing Director and founding member of The Hands Up Foundation, said;

“Hands Up is extremely honoured to receive the Jusoor Bridges Award.  What Hands up has been able to achieve is only because of a communal willingness from all our supporters. I believe that’s a powerful reminder that we can all make a positive difference, however great the challenge, however long-lasting, distant or brutal the conflict. I continue to be inspired by the Syrians we have been able to help; their determination, resilience and sense of hope is second to none.”

Grace Atkinson, Executive Director of Jusoor, said;

“We at Jusoor believe that young Syrians should have access to profoundly better opportunities. The outstanding work of The Hands Up Foundation should be recognised and applauded for driving positive change for young Syrians.”

The award ceremony, which took place at Jusoor’s 6th Annual Gala Dinner on 4th October in London, raised nearly £300,000 to support young Syrians unlock educational opportunities and empower the next generation. The night included Jusoor’s Middle Eastern art auction with Christie’s UK to support Syrian artists across the world.

Jusoor is an international NGO that raises funds to provide education for Syrian refugee children and the young Syrian diaspora. Jusoor works to ensure that Syria’s children and youth do not become a lost generation. Jusoor’s Bridges Award is given to individuals who demonstrate the utmost courage and respect towards all humanity.

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