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Health Clinic team helping Syrians access essential healthcare

Since the start of the conflict in Syria, 70% of medical staff have left the country. There’s also been around 600 attacks on at least 350 medical facilities, resulting in the deaths of 930 medical staff. This has left huge areas of the country with limited or no access to healthcare. 

In northern Syria, a team of 22 medical staff at a Primary Health Clinic run by our partner SAMS serve 2000 patients a month.  

The team provides primary care treatments, they look after new mothers and their babies and they provide care for patients with chronic diseases like diabetes.   

During one of their regular field visits, the outreach team met 35-year-old Om Mahmoud. They soon recognised she had medical issues and took her to the clinic.  

Om Mahmoud arrived in a bad state and terrified. She was quickly diagnosed with heart disease and asthma. The team also found a tumor in her arm that was causing her cramps in her hand.  

She was referred to Dr. Mohammad Ramadan at the centre. He recommended following up her for at least three days. He also prescribes the vital medication for her condition. Additional tests were done on her tumor and fortunately the tumor was non-cancerous.  

Following the care she received from the team, Om Mahmoud felt relieved. These medical services were unavailable in the town before the centre was opened.  

Hands Up support SAMS by funding salaries and covering the cost of running the health clinic, and other health projects in the area. Find out more here https://actionsyria.org.uk/#what  

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