Hands Up Foundation is now Action Syria

Help us get through COVID-19 & sustain our work for vulnerable Syrian communities

COVID-19 has cancelled all our events this summer, which would have raised £70,000. Please support us so we can continue our work – donate online here.

At Hands Up we are no strangers to uncertainty. The part of the world that we work in is extremely volatile and we’re so proud that we can ensure that the vital health and education services which our generous supporters help us provide, carry on in spite of the challenges. Like everyone else, we are now facing a new trial in the form of COVID-19, which means we can’t raise funds through events for 2020.

We are asking our brilliantly loyal supporters to help. Would you consider making a donation so we can continue supporting thousands of vulnerable Syrians? A regular donation of £10 or more a month means we can provide sustainable support to these people for the long term. A one-off donation will contribute to that too.

This summer our events would have raised over £70,000. Funds which are crucial to sustaining our school in Lebanon for 300 Syrian refugee children and our Primary Health Clinic in northern Syria which looks after 800 patients a month. The success of this appeal means the difference between Syrian refugee children being educated or not, and between lives being saved or not.

COVID-19 has changed the world for everyone, and the indirect impact of it will go far beyond those who are, sadly, immediately affected by it. We want to make sure that the Syrian families we support don’t lose out further, and we can’t do it without help.

Please share widely and spread the word.


Join us to make a positive difference to Syrian communities.

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