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Meet Maryam, a midwife at the SAMS Medical Clinic we support

The reproductive health clinic at the medical centre in Tel Abyad, north Syria, run by SAMS, is one of the busiest at the facility. Services like these are crucial.

Maryam Allawi has been one of the midwives at the centre since it reopened its doors in 2019 having been bombed on three separate occasions that year. She works tirelessly with commitment and care for her patients. 

In this part of Syria, women and girls experience exacerbated restrictions on freedom of movement, due to not just lack of security but also increasingly conservative gender norms, coupled with early marriage and lack of access to family planning.

“On average, we receive 25 patients per day,” says Maryam. “We provide a range of services, including prenatal care, consultations, instructions for expectant mothers, and obstetrician-gynaecologist services. We also provide follow up consultations and check-ups for patients who underwent surgery and provide postoperative medications.”

Maryam at SAMS’ Clinic in Tel Abyad, Syria

She continues: “Through the presence of this clinic, we eliminate and alleviate the burden of transportation for many patients, in addition to providing medication and monitoring pregnancy. We provide services for family planning and help increase awareness about common gynaecological diseases. The centre also raises awareness about COVID-19,” explains Maryam.

Fatima, 28, one of the beneficiaries at the centre, said: “I visit the centre regularly because it delivers quality services, all free of charge.”

Over the last year alone, the phenomenal SAMS team has provided 9,461 medical consultations; 3,734 women and 2,446 girls. It’s an extraordinary feat given the never-ending obstacles faced, and we’re so proud to work with such an incredible group of people.

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