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Mohammed’s Story

Feelings of suffocation, shortness of breath, and coughing were all normal to 15-year old Mohammed.

Living in Al-Zanbaq village in the countryside of Raqqa, Syria, he had limited access to healthcare or support for his condition.

Recently, unable to take it any longer, his father took him to the Ali Bajliyah Center, funded by Hands Up and run by our partner, SAMS. “We conducted a clinical examination of the child, which revealed chest rales and respiratory” said Doctor Mohammed, a general physician at the centre. He continued “We confirmed the diagnosis by carefully studying the clinical symptoms linked to the disease history, along with conducting a chest X-ray and other diagnostic tests”; Mohammed had “untreated acute asthma”.

This type of asthma can be life-threatening. If not treated properly, the condition can lead to respiratory failure.

Thanks to the doctors at the Ali Bajliyah Center, Mohammed now has appropriate medications (inhalers), and will be making regular visits to allow the medical staff to monitor his health condition.

The child’s father said, “My biggest concern was knowing my son’s illness and how to treat it. Thanks to God, we now know the illness and its treatment, and we no longer have to go through all that every time he falls ill.”

We are so proud to be able to support these doctors, and provide them with the funds needed to treat people like Mohammed.

If you can, please donate now to allow them to continue this incredible work. Anything you can give will make a huge difference.

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