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Our hero, Hector, raises money for Syrian earthquake appeal

Hector has been fundraising for Hands Up for years, and has just helped his school to raise £90 for our Emergency Earthquake Appeal. We believe everyone should be more like Hector! Here he talks more about his fundraising.

“The reason I wanted to help the children in Syria was because my Granny read me a lovely book called ‘the boy at the back of the class’ which was about a boy who had come from Syria to join an English school to escape the war.

“I got the smartie tubes and found out that 20ps fit perfectly. Granny counted the whole tube for me and full it held £12 which Rose said was enough to make a difference to a child in Syria.

“I started collecting and asking people if I could do jobs for 20p and tried to get my friends to do it too. The next year I spent the whole night out in a tent in a storm with my dog (it was very wet, so was I and the tent flew away) and lots of people gave me some money.

Hector and his dog raised money for Hands Up by spending a sponsored night in a tent, during a storm

“This year the earthquake came and I heard that Syria wasn’t getting any help so I got my school to fill up smartie tubes and now the company where my mum works has set the smartie challenge for the kids over the Easter holiday.

“My school, which is very small, collected more than £90. I hope Mama’s work will send me lots more to give to Hands Up. I hope that the money we’ve raised will help a little bit. I’m not going to stop collecting.”

Join us to make a positive difference to Syrian communities.

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