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Syrian Earthquake response – six months on

Almost six months have passed since the first earthquake struck the Turkish Syrian border on 6 February.

To date, the disaster has killed over 55,000 people, and left more than 110,000 injured.  

During that time, we’ve worked tirelessly with our local partners to save lives, providing aid to address the greatest needs, including baby milk for orphans, dialysis kits, mental health support, and essential medicines.  

So far, we have reached over 14,400 earthquake victims, while continuing our usual health and education programmes.

Today, the emergency is not over, and our work on earthquake response alongside our long-term work continues. As one of our partner colleagues, Omar, put it: “It will take years to return to where we were on 5 February 2023.” 

The earthquake is just the latest in a series of crises; conflict, economic crisis, cholera, and a lack of trained medical and educational professionals. If hope can be found in such a situation, it is in the generosity of our supporters and the courage of our colleagues on the ground.

While Syria has once again faded from the headlines, we are committed to the recovery, however long it takes. Thank you for helping us do this. 

Read our full report here.  

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