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The Grand Souk of Prizes at Syria, Food for Thought

At Syria, Food for Thought this Thursday, 12th October, we will be inviting everyone to pledge to hold their own Syrian Supper before March 2018 – it’s easy, and we have all the tools to show you how. Book your ticket quick before they all disappear.

In return for your pledge, you will be entered into our Grand Souk of prizes, with a chance to win something mouth-watering… this isn’t just any old spice souk. Some of the treasures on offer are listed below…

  • The River Cafe – Dinner for 2 and wine from their sommelier
  • Abel & Cole – a year’s subscription to a large Veg Box or any of their Fruit and Veg boxes
  • The Hinds head – 6 course dinner for 2 at hinds head with bottle of champagne
  • From the River Cafe – Giant Chocolate Nemesis pudding
  • Chiltern Firehouse – Dinner for two
  • Eddie, the Travelling Chef – Dinner in your own home for up to 10 people
  • Magpie – Dinner for 4 at Magpie with welcome cocktail
  • Dey Dey – a 6 month’s supply of award-winning tahini swirl brownies
  • Al Waha – Sunday lunch for four
  • Perilla – Set menu for two with a welcome cocktail & a bottle of house wine (Mon-Thurs night or Sat lunch)
  • Spring Restaurant – Dinner for two
  • Peardrop – Lunch delivery to office for 10 people
  • Cookery books exploring cuisines from Persia to Poland and beyond
  • Aleppan soap – handmade soap made Aleppan style

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Come along to see what else you could walk away with on the night, besides a feeling of a good deed done.

Imagine the impact if over 300 people each held a Syrian Supper and raised £150… that’s £45,000 and enough to cover the support costs for three schools serving 950 children for an academic year.




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