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Urgent appeal launched to help Syrian earthquake survivors

Help Us Raise £25,000 to Support Ongoing Recovery Efforts 

One year ago, a series of devastating earthquakes hit Syria and Turkey, hitting communities who have already lived through 12 years of conflict.  

Families have been torn apart, schools and health services destroyed, and homes left in ruins. The immediate response is over, but the emergency is not. Recovery will be a long journey. Latest figures show that 16.7 million (an increase of over 1 million since last year) Syrians urgently need humanitarian aid, but funding is rapidly reducing. 

Since the earthquakes, our partners on the ground have been providing vital medical kits and health services to vulnerable communities, helping over 29,700 people. Speaking from Syria, Omar Safadi, Grants and Partnership Manager at one of our partners, PAC, told us:  

“Thank you so much for your support and for standing with us.  

“It’s one year on since the earthquakes but we still need your help. The impact from the earthquakes is still being felt, made worse by the ongoing conflict – at the moment Syria is facing a crisis over a crisis over a crisis. Our communities are overwhelmed by the many challenges they face daily.”  

“Earlier this year we found out that Syria would be getting less funding from the international communities – meaning some communities will be left without access to basics like enough food. The money you raise will help us to keep supporting our communities – in the field, between the tents, and in the camps.”  

Our education partner, SAWA, told us: “The earthquake took homes and people away from communities who have already lost so much – they’ve been forced to move multiple times because of the conflict, had to rebuild neighbourhoods, restart their lives and learn new skills.  Just as their lives were getting more or less stable (within the circumstances), the earthquake took them back to zero.”  

George Butler, Chair of the Board at Hands Up Foundation, said: “We’ve launched this campaign a year on from the earthquakes to raise £25,000. With your help, this money will keep our medical centre for a community of 50,000 open. It will also help us support women and girls who are vulnerable to violence and child marriage. Please ensure our Syrian friends are not forgotten. Your support will help save lives.” 

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