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What Your Support Means…to our friends in Syria

At Hands Up, we spend a huge amount of time making sure we know exactly where the money we raise goes in Syria, which means we’re extremely selective about the projects we support. We have close relationships with our partner organisations who implement the projects we support in and around Syria. Further to this we make regular trips to the region to see how these partners are getting along. This means we can give you, our donors, a very specific idea of the impact that your support is having.

So, here are a few statistics to build a picture of how we use these funds and how far your donations go.

For instance, £25 will pay for school bags, kitted out with educational supplies, for three children for a year. Through our partnership with Shafak, we are funding the Al-Amal Kindergarten in Idleb, to give children who have never had the chance at an education a better start in life.

Alternatively, it costs £50 for a vaccination nurse to work for a month at the health clinic we support in rural southern Aleppo. We receive monthly time-sheets and pay-slips, so we know that the funding is delivered appropriately.

For £300 you can fund a prosthetic limb (a limb below the knee costs £270) at one of the three clinics we support to improve the lives of the many people who have lost limbs through airstrikes. There is one in Reyhanli, on the Turkish border, and two inside northern Syria. This is managed by the National Syria Project for Prosthetic Limbs and funded through Syria Relief.

Finally, a paediatrician’s monthly salary costs £1000. This is at the same clinic mentioned above in rural southern Aleppo, which is run by our partner organisation, the Syrian American Medical Society.

Hopefully this gives you an overview of the tight ship we run, and how much good can be done with your generosity. We recognise how important it is for the people who give to know where their money is going – it is just as important to us!

More details on all the projects we support can be found on our main website, or by contacting us directly at contact@actionsyria.org.uk


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